Notification of the use of Cookies

This Communication is part of the Privacy Statement.

To provide you with access to this Website and services tailored to your needs, we need to know and store information about how you use this Website.

This can be achieved by using small text files called cookies.Cookies contain a small amount of information and are downloaded via the server of this Website to your computer or other device.Your Internet browsing will then send cookies back to this Website on every subsequent visit, which allows this website to recognise you and find information about your user preferences (visited pages, clicks, activity history).Detailed information on cookies and their functioning can be found at

Whenever you visit this Website, information may be collected through cookies or other technologies (information about language, country and previously set pages).Obtained cookies are used only to a very limited extent, which is necessary for technical purposes (website functionality) and are stored for 1 year in accordance with international standards NAI — information cannot be linked to any particular entity.By visiting this Website, you agree to the use of cookies to the extent specified in this Communication on the use of cookies

What cookies do we use and why?

Some cookies that we use are necessary to enable you to browse and use this Website’s features, such as access to secure areas that may contain information for registered users (so-called necessary cookies).

We also use the so-called “functional cookies” that store information that allows the website to be customised to our users;for example, save your language or your geographical location or the fact that you have already filled out our survey.This information is used for a very limited purpose and is kept for a limited period of time.All of these data are completely anonymous and are not used for other purposes.

Like us and our service providers, we also use analytical services to help us determine how effective the content of our website is, what interests our users, and how to improve the functioning of this Website.We use this data exclusively for statistical purposes and our aim is not to use this information to identify specific users.

How can you control cookies?

By visiting this Website, you agree that we may place cookies on your computer or device, as explained above – but you can control and manage these files in several ways.Please keep in mind that the removal or blocking of cookies may affect your user experience and it is possible that you will not have full access to certain areas of this Website.

Checking using web browsers

Most internet browsers allow you to check what cookies you have stored, delete individual cookies or store cookies from certain or all websites.Please note that if you delete all cookies, all your personal settings will be lost, including preferences prohibiting the use of cookies, as this option also requires opt-out cookies.For more information on how you can set up your web browser to block or filter cookies, please visit or.

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